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Takeaways from UberConf 2014

As usual, the NFJS guys put on a very informative event. I figured I would write down my thought on the week before they get stale. This is my fifth event to attend but only my first UberConf. The added workshops was definitely the hook that got me to pester my boss to pay for this. It has to be a tough task to come up with a simple yet helpful/doable set a exercises, especially if the workshop is only half a day.

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NERDTree and CtrlP in Vim

Finally carved some time out to tweak how I navigate code in Vim. I’ve had NERDTree installed but because I didn’t spend the time to learn the navigation keys, I ended up falling back on my old method for navigation. After learning the keys I set up a quick way of loading up the tree view (noremap \\ :NERDTreeToggle), and set all my bookmarks and show them by default(let NERDTreeShowBookmarks=1).

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Groovy Syntax Highlight Update for Vim

The Groovy syntax highlighting that come with the Vim installation has a few thing that I don’t care for. As I transition more away from Eclipse as my main¬†development¬†environment, I’ll spend more time trying to get Vim setup to support more efficient¬†development. Below I’ve¬†enumerated¬†what changes I made to the syntax file and why. The TODO: Bold, yellow¬†highlighting¬†of TODO and FIXME tags. I’m not a big fan of¬†blaring¬†reminders.

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The Embedded Idea That Turned Into a Perl Script

My first purchase from SparkFun was a camera module¬†(which they have since discontinued). The idea was to embedded it into a project. When the device arrived, I thought, “Why don’t I just whip out a quick Perl module to test the device”. I already had the hardware to hook it to a computer and thought it would be an easy way to prove the device worked and find out what the quality of the photos would be.

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Big Problem? Nope, It’s Small.

In an attempt to backup an Oracle 10g Express Edition using their handy Backup scripts that are automatically put in your start menu, I ran into the following error: ====================ERROR============================= Backup of the database failed. Unknown log mode : SP2-0640:. Log file is at SP2-0640:. ====================ERROR============================= In searching I found a post about changing the username password in the Batch file. This started me down the wrong road but he did make the sound suggestion of turning the echo on.